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Flying in to Sao Paulo we had no real plans - just to enjoy! One place we did want to try to get to was Iguaza falls. We had just 1 week in Bazil - we knew this wouldnt be long enough even to get a taster so decided to get a flight straight into Foz Do Iguaza. Perfect.
This will probably be a fairly quick entry as we spent a couple of days around the town of Foz itself, running some errands and catching up on the more practical stuff you tend to forget about whilst travelling. Foz as a town for us had some great little quirky shops, but not much else. Comming from several weeks in Spanish speaking countries and going into Portugese without a "language bible" was a struggle. Eating out was hard with not eating meat, nearly all were fast food type places. Most nights we had something with cheese, as this was about the only word we had picked up! Lame I know. We did meet a lovely Irish couple, whom we went out with 1 night and on their departure the next day they left us their, dictionary. Bliss!
We had a couple of days around Iguaza Falls itself. Most people told us that 1 day would be enough, but we didnt find this to be the case. There was so much to do and see.
The first day we spent some of it in the parks bird sanctuary - crazy little characters! There was some very beautiful birds, some of which we had never seen before. The walkways set out wonderfully in a forest leading you through some of the cages to get up close to the birds if they allow you to, or for them to suprise you bu landing feet away - great! In the Mackaw section you almost needed ear plugs, the noise was incredible. Their game for the day was to see how close they could swoop to your head! Quite nervewracking but a good buzz to have these 4ft wing spans come flying to your face. There was a butterfly enclosure - nice, but even better was the tiny humming birds you would find hovering around you. Oh and we both held a snake.
We then done something completely unexpexted. We had a helicopter ride over the falls, circuling it several times. This was an unexplainable feeling - the smiles on our faces stayed with us for the rest of that day. What an awsome experiance, lots of rainbows in the morning sunshine and spray from the waterfall - a gigantic spread of stupendosity!!!! ( is this a word?) The expanse of this beast is very unbeliveable. The walk on the Brazillian side to the base of the falls is good. It gives you little glimpses of its glory along the way, but the thing you notice most beings you cant see it along all of the track is its roar. The closer you get the louder it becomes until you end up shouting at eachother and still cant hear the other person - all you know is its something good their trying to tell you with the wide grin on their face! The spray from the falls was just like having a shower with your clothes on. That was a first. The second day got had a safari trip by jeep through the spider infeste forest. That was ummmm interesting. And walked down to a smaller waterfall to where we caught a speedboat under the falls. It started out quite gentle, i was lulled into a false sence of security! As we got closer it became quite turbulent and fun and then trip under the waterfall was quite different again. This time it was like having a bathtub of water over you - over and over, oh and over again! Couldnt stop laughing - water in every orifice! Lucky the sun was out we dired off quickly for the rest of the day. Enjoyed another walk and then done a fun canopy tour on logs, wires, rope bridges and zip lines etc.
We had hoped to go to the argentinian side too but I fell ill and had the remainder of our time in bed. Apart from the 18 hour bus ride back to Sao Paulo to catch our next flight to Chile - the bus broke down making us two hours behind schedule only just making it for the flight. All part of our adventure! We would love to return to Brazil in our future and explore more of it (north and east), we was left feeling we hadnt done it justice at all, but had an excellent at the falls.
OK maybe entry was not so short.
(if I spell any thing oddly you will have to overlook it - sometimes I spell fonically if im not sure how is spelt! - guess thats a bit of the artistic licence in me!)

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Hi there globe trotters, WOW!! Iguaza Falls sounds amazing & then we watched the DVD you sent home & its absolutely breathtaking, definately on our list of things to do & see!! Still missing you very very much, you think after 4 months we'd be getting used to you both being away! just you wait till we get to China you've got the biggest hug ever lined up for you!! (and you too Sean!!)Take care both, Lorry loads of love, hugs & kisses!! X X X X X X X X X X X

by mummydaddy

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